Why pay for your energy upfront? A quick and simple read.

Why pay for your energy upfront? A quick and simple read.

It gets it out the way. 

Paying for your energy would be done and dusted for a whole year. It’s one thing off your plate! Once it’s paid for, you won’t have to worry about any direct debits for energy coming out of your account for a whole 12 months.

It gives you interest.

We’re not referring to an influx of instagram followers or a double page spread in OK! magazine. With our Family Saver Club tariff, paying for your energy upfront for the year means that you’ll earn 12% interest on your account – which you can either put towards your energy bill, or draw out in cash!

It means you don’t have to worry about the winter months.

During the colder times, people use more energy. This causes their bills to increase significantly and sometimes sends financial shivers done their spine. However, if you’ve already paid for energy for the year – it’s already been covered. We’ll carry out payment reviews every six months, so if you are using much more energy than expected, it will ask you to top up your account. Paying upfront alleviates families and eases the stress. And, if you use less energy than what you’ve paid for, you’ll get it back at the end of the year.

It’s better than a high street savings account.

And a cash ISA. The interest you recieve with Family Saver Club is simply higher!

To reap the rewards of paying for your energy upfront, join Family Saver Club with a simple phone call: 0161 332 0022

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