The lungs of our earth are in trouble – Brazil’s amazon rainforest fires

At recent the amazon rainforest is enduring a devastating forest fire. A football pitch size of the forest is burnt and lost every minute.  Millions of natural habitats flora and fauna are being destroyed.

Are forest fires natural? or was it purposeful?

Yes forest fires can be common and natural within the amazon, however the scale and location of this fire has had several conservationists aggravated. The politics of the local regions favour agriculture/ production over forest conservation. On average the amazon has 40,000 forest fires per year, this year the amazon fires have almost doubles with over 73,000 recorded fires.

Why is it important?

The amazon rain forest has often being referred to as ‘The lungs of the earth’ this is because the amazon takes in millions of tons of CO2 and miraculously converts this to produces millions of tons of O2. Drastically working to reduce the human effects of climate change.

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How Eversmart are working to support

At Eversmart, our aim is to plant around 1 million trees. We are currently planting a tree for every new customer we acquire.  For our ‘Plant a Tree’ scheme we are working closely with a UK company ‘Eforest’.

Eversmart and EForests ‘Plant a Tree Scheme’, planting a tree for every customer

You can also support the Brazil rain forest fire here:

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