Eversmart office tour and customer promise

Eversmart Energy staff photo stood outside of Eversmart's head office and company vans

Take a tour of our office, learn more about Eversmart and read our new customer promise!

At Eversmart we want our customers to gain an insight into what we do and for you to understand what we are about.

Take a tour

From our engineers loading vans in the warehouse to our Customer Service team taking your calls to our directors brainstorming together in the office, we want to be as transparent as possible with our customers and for you to see the ins and outs of life at Eversmart.

Our light and bright open-plan office is filled with inspiring quotes and is full of energy! We believe that having an open plan space is perfect in helping create an inclusive and collaborative office environment. Every room in our office is inspired by the pioneering greats who have each added incredible value to the energy industry, like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. We have our favourite quotes from each innovator printed on our walls, to keep optimism and enthusiasm high!

Our mission

Since first establishing in 2016, we’ve been working to develop the best possible tariffs for our customers and to incorporate the most efficient technology. Each step of the way, we try to improve what we can offer customers and appreciate just how precious your time and money is. Now, three years in, Eversmart is flourishing and we have lots of exciting plans ahead that will bring more benefits than ever before to our customers.

Our customer promise

Like any new business we’ve hit obstacles along the way, but as quoted on the wall in our office: ‘The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time’. Each wrong turning made is a lesson, and a valuable one in helping us to progress and become a trusted, forward-thinking energy provider. We know we haven’t been perfect, but we are committed to becoming the best energy supplier in the industry.

For any customers that have been disheartened or experienced issues with our service, we want each one of you to know that you have our sincerest apologies. We highly value every customer’s opinion and take your feedback very seriously. As a company taking in large volumes of data each day from lots of customers, we are highly reliant on IT. Unfortunately one of our systems let us down which caused frustrations for many of you. We want to reassure you that we are aware of these glitches and have been working towards fixing them. There was no quick fix to getting this resolved, so we made the decision to invest in new systems. After weeks of implementation these are now in place and we are confident that our delivery will be better.

What are Eversmart’s plans for the future?

2019 is going to be the biggest year yet for Eversmart. We are rolling out six new tariffs this spring, completely unique from what we have offered previously. As some of the most competitive tariffs on the market, our customers will have the chance to save money, view their bills via our new app and will be able to access a range of benefits including full home cover with your energy.

We welcome your feedback and aim to provide a smooth and positive Eversmart experience to every single customer. If you have any comments please get in touch at hello@eversmartenergy.co.uk.

What’s it like working for Eversmart?

Working at Eversmart

Thinking about a career with Eversmart? Read on to find out what it’s like to work for us…

We believe that people thrive and do their best work when they’re supported, trusted and given a positive environment to work in. There’s no office politics here – we’re all on the same team with the same goals.

Here’s what you can expect from working at Eversmart:

Work-life balance

We don’t believe in the 9-5 routine – we do believe in a healthy work-life balance. Most of our office staff work on a flexi-time basis.

Modern work environment

Working at Eversmart

Our office environment is laid back and relaxed. We don’t think this hinders productivity – we think it improves it. Staff can dress how they like, move around, listen to a little bit of music or use the breakout room – whatever it takes to help you do your best work. Visitors often tell us that there’s a nice family atmosphere at our offices – we take this as a huge compliment.

We hire with purpose

We don’t just hire staff for their skills. We look for people who are eager to learn, share our values, and want to grow as the company does. If you’ve got a good attitude and an appetite for success, you’ll fit right in.


Each team member is entitled to 28 days paid holiday per year, including all bank holidays. For every year you work here, you gain an extra day.

Working at Eversmart


We hire the best, and pay our staff fairly. Payday is on the last working day of the month. Commission and bonuses are also available for our sales staff.

Regular socials

Sometimes you just need to get out of the office and let off a little steam! We organize work social events at least once a month.

Eversmart CEO shortlisted for NatWest business award

business awards

Barney Cook, the CEO of Eversmart Energy, has been shortlisted for the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year category.

NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Now in its sixth year, the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrates achievements in business across a wide range of categories. Past winners include David Buttress of Just Eat, Julie Deane OBE of The Cambridge Satchel Company, James Watt of BrewDog and most recently, Hannah and Sophie Pycroft of Spectrum Collections.

Challenging the ‘big six’

Barney founded Eversmart Energy in 2016, when new regulations opened up the market for new energy suppliers to come in and challenge the dominant ‘big six’ energy companies. Eversmart aims to be modern, tech-savvy, transparent and fair.

The Manchester-based company has seen a rapid surge in growth during its short lifespan, tempting frustrated consumers away from the big six by offering better value and a more modern service.

Eversmart team
Barney thanked his staff after the shortlist was announced

A team effort

Barney credits the company’s success to the strong team he has built around him. Commenting on the announcement Barney said: “A CEO without his team… will not be CEO for very long! We wouldn’t be where we are without the determination and commitment of a lot of talented people.”

Entrepreneurship is still alive and well

Creator of the Awards, Francesca James, said: “We have been inundated with some incredible entries this year, and all shortlisted applicants should be extremely proud of themselves! This year has yet again seen a record number of entrants and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the strength and diversity of applications.”

Gordon Merrylees, Head of Entrepreneurship at NatWest added that “Entrepreneurial spirit is still clearly alive and well.”

NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards

The winners will be announced at 5 regional galas around the UK, including; Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester & London. You can find more information about the awards and the ceremonies at www.greatbritishentrepreneurawards.com.

The figures are in – Eversmart are up to £400 cheaper than the competition!

energy savings

Big news from Eversmart HQ this week. According to the latest data from price comparison websites, switching to Eversmart Energy can knock up to £400 off your annual energy bill!

As every one of the ‘Big 6’ suppliers announced price increases earlier this year*, record numbers of people have been switching to independent providers like Eversmart, eager to find a better deal. With the help of the internet and price comparison sites, consumers are becoming savvier and more willing than ever to step away from the big suppliers.

According to the press, taking a chance on a smaller, modern energy company can have big rewards – just take a look at the table below, published by This Is Money earlier this month:

Energy price comparison table
Source: thisismoney.co.uk

Positive News

Eversmart Energy CEO Barney Cook was thrilled when he heard the news.

“The big 6 have been taking their customers for granted for far too long. Consumers are finally waking up and realising that their loyalty isn’t being rewarded, and we’re happy to step in and offer a better alternative. The news that we are £400 cheaper than some suppliers just goes to show that it pays to shop around and make the switch. We’re proud to be one of the best value energy providers in the country.”

Is it time for you to switch?

A typical household paying for dual-fuel on a standard variable tariff with one of the big 6 suppliers could save up to £400 per year by switching over to Eversmart.

It only takes 2 minutes to get a quote – you can get started here.


Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog

Hello and welcome to the brand new Eversmart Blog!

Over the coming weeks and months you will see this area of our website filling up with useful advice, news from the energy industry, stories from our customers and announcements from our team.

There isn’t much to see yet, but please be sure to check back very soon! You can also keep up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love hearing from our customers – if you have a question to ask our team or a story you would like to tell us about, please let us know in the comments section below or via one of our social media channels.

Have you made the switch yet?

You could save up to £400 a year by switching your gas & electricity to Eversmart. Get a quote here.