Why waste management and recycling are crucial to the future planet and pollution

Why waste management and recycling are crucial to the future planet and pollution

The link between the climate and waste

To reduce the pollution on our planet waste needs to be considered, to protect and sustain our natural environments. 

One thing that many people do not realise is that the production and management of waste has a huge impact on pollution and climate change. Manufacturing, distributing, and managing waste requires energy, which produces greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional waste management embodies about 1 to 5 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. www.sustainability.virginia.edu

Why is waste management so important?

There are around 8 billion humans on this planet producing waste every day using materials such as plastic, as it is an inexpensive and durable material. Over the years increased numbers of products have been produced with non-biodegradable materials. Meaning every year, we dump a massive 2.12 billion tonnes of waste, enough to cover the planet 24 times. www.theworldcounts.com

Plastic in our oceans and on our land is severely endangering our natural habitats, flora and fauna species. There are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy and by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish. https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/plastic-how-planet-earth-environment-oceans-wildlife-recycling-landfill-artificial-a7972226.html

How to reduce your waste

To reduce the unnecessary disposal of products we use, opt for reusable options whenever possible. One option is to use a reusable mug and water bottle. When ordering food, avoid to-go-containers, instead bring your own. www.sustainability.virginia.edu

This waste must be sorted and managed, to reduce the impact on the planet we now try to recycle many types of common waste. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects; in order to reduce the new amount of non-degradable materials produced. However, these recycling processes do release pollutants. Recycling is still a good action for all the population to adopt to reduce the dumped waste loads in our oceans and landmass, reusing the materials.

Non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, tin, and glass would be dumped into oceans and landfills and remain there for thousands of years never to degrade. We need to ensure we take responsibility for the depletion of our planet and are more conscious on buying these materials in lower volumes or even not using them all together. You can also split out, re-use and recycle your waste, this is a great way for the population to make a positive impact. Green waste and paper are better for naturally biodegrading.

Cost Rica new set goals to be plastic and carbon free by 2021

Due to recent news and information being released on waste management around the globe, we wanted to discuss the importance and impact of waste management. Cost Rica is leading global development yet again and is set to become the first plastic-free and carbon-free country by 2021.

This optimistic and amazing goal is an excellent example to set for the rest of the globe and their waste management. : www.intelligentliving.co/costa-rica-plastic-carbon-free-2021/

Eversmart climate action and waste management

At Eversmart, our aim is to become the UK’s number one carbon neutral energy supplier, with the environment as our key focus.  We have an up and coming plant a tree project and waste management project being implemented in the near future.

The environment and global climate change are close to our hearts. We don’t want to just reduce the negative impacts of the energy industry with our renewable electricity; we want to drive global change in the industry. Our purpose is to sustain our environment and inspire other companies and individuals they can do the same.

Recycling is something we implement throughout our offices. We are also looking soon to litter pick volunteer in our local areas.

Review our blog post explaining the importance of planting a tree in relation to climate change: https://www.eversmartenergy.co.uk/blog/why-tree-planting-is-the-way-forward-for-climate-change/

Review our blog explaining renewable energy: https://www.eversmartenergy.co.uk/blog/making-your-house-a-renewable-home-sustain-your-home-for-the-future-of-your-family/

Review our blog explaining the UK 2050 climate action plans: https://www.eversmartenergy.co.uk/blog/the-world-climate-crisis-the-uk-2050-predictions-and-uk-household-energy/

For further information, visit www.eversmartenergy.co.uk

Grace Bowden

Senior Marketing Executive

Eversmart Energy

Why tree planting is the way forward for climate change

Why tree planting is the way forward for climate change

“Trees are vital in the fight against climate change, which is why we must go further and faster to increase planting rates,” Michael Gove, the environment secretary, UK.

‘Today, only about 30 percent of Earth’s land mass is covered in trees. Each year, forests the size of Panama disappear. At the current rate, the world’s rain forests will disappear within 100 years.’ (https://sciencing.com/trees-turn-carbon-dioxide-oxygen-10034022.html)


Carbon dioxide is exhaled into the atmosphere by humans and animals as well as the multiple other human processes that now produce this toxin. Plant leaves absorb this and pair it with hydrogen to produce sugar. The extra oxygen created during this process is then released into the atmosphere, this is vital for mammals to breath.

Most people are aware that trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, this process is called photosynthesis, plant leaves absorb sunlight which is vital in the fight against climate change.

Other positives trees provide to fight global warming

When water evaporates from a tree’s leaf this cools the air temperature through air vapour conversion. Furthermore, trees reduce air temperature by blocking sunlight. Due to humanisation, concrete and paved surfaces absorb and heat the ground exponentially. If we shade more of these areas with trees it would reduce the warm radiation effect.

Trees have several other benefits not directly related to climate change, such as creating animal habitats and providing noise reduction through absorption.

  • Trees help settle out and trap dust, pollen and smoke from the air. The dust level in the air can be as much as 75 percent lower on the sheltered side of the tree compared to the windward side.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen.
    • One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people.
    • A healthy tree can store 13 pounds of carbon each year —-for an acre of trees that equals to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide.
    • Each gallon of gasoline burned produces almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.
    • For every 10,000 miles you drive, it takes 7 trees to remove the amount of carbon dioxide produce if your car gets 40 miles per gallon (mpg); it will take 10 trees at 30 mpg; 15 trees at 20 mpg; 20 trees at 15 mpg; and 25 trees at 12 mpg)
  • An acre of trees absorb enough carbon dioxide in a year to equal the amount produced when you drive a car 26,000 miles.
  • The temperature in urban areas is often 9 degrees warmer than in areas with heavy tree cover. (ncsu)

Read more here: https://projects.ncsu.edu/project/treesofstrength/benefits.htm

About Eversmart Energy

Eversmart Energy electricity is 100% renewable. We are working on multiple projects to combat climate change, including a soon to be released ‘Plant a tree scheme’.

For further information, visit www.eversmartenergy.co.uk

Grace Bowden (Senior marketing executive)

Eversmart customer service enhancement – Reassurance and acknowledgement

Eversmart customer service enhancement – Reassurance and acknowledgement

With some recent setbacks implementing our new app and web portal, we would like to address and reassure all Eversmart customers of our commitment to customer service. We are an ever-evolving company and with evolution comes learning. Every action we take is with our customers in mind.

Over the past few years Eversmart has dramatically expanded and like any company we are adapting to ensure our customers receive the best service from us. We have some unique technology allowing you to see live energy updated every 6 seconds (Glow Stick link), along with multiple user-friendly technical enhancements.

During the application of our new exciting customer user enhancements, it is normal to have a few technical setbacks. We want to reassure our customers we are aware of the issues and everything is in hand.

A few of our customers have faced portal login issues, this is due to our new system updates. To reassure our customers this is in hand, we have fixed 90% of our customers login’s, please bear with us and let us know if you have any issues our team will support immediately, we always urge our customers to contact us if they have any problems. Eversmart have invested over £1mill in systems over the past 12 months, investing in development.

External paper billing is something Eversmart as a company do not push. This is extremely bad for our environment and we try to be a paperless company where we can. Environmental sustainability is in the forefront of everything we do. With regards to any other billing issues last year, this was due to an external entity out of our control – this has all now been fixed and managed.

To ensure our customer service is top quality we have implemented even further support for our customers, our internal UK customer service team has grown by twelve since January 2019. Lee Dearden (Head of Customer Service), has been brought on-board to steer further expansion of the team and to fully maintain and improve quality processes in line with the company’s anticipated growth.

Mr Dearden said: ‘We are already working on some major improvements.  These include a new billing system, a new website and technology portal with improved help service solutions, revised shift patterns to ensure better coverage and new KPIs and reporting platforms.’

Customer service is the main reason Barney Cook (CEO of Eversmart energy), started this business and it will continue to be a number one focus. We would like to reassure all customers our service is and will continue to be top standard. Many companies experience setbacks, but it’s how you deal with them and learn from them that counts.

Contact us through chat, email or phone.

For more information, go to www.eversmartenergy.co.uk


Grace Bowden (Senior marketing executive)

How Brexit could affect UK energy

It’s expected that many UK energy companies could raise their energy tariffs on average by 3-5%, if a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is to take place. Opting for a fixed term tariff could protect you from this.

How Brexit could affect UK/ EU imports and exports

Brexit has been a key subject in the UK news over the past few months. As we are seeing the decisions of parliament and the European Union (EU) develop and close over the next few months, it is key to ensure all outcomes have been ventured from a business provider perspective to ensure minimal impact is passed onto our customers.

“Average figures from 2017 show that 44% of UK exports went to the EU and 53% of all UK imports came from the EU. Implications may mean that a ‘no-deal’ Brexit may result in hard border on the island of Ireland.– EuroNews 2019

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) are the global organisation who manage worldwide trade agreements. The WTO have a general rule that each member must grant the same market access/ to avoid bias trade – except developing countries and those that have free trade agreements. Trade experts suggest that the EU could not treat the UK differently to other states in relation to the new Brexit deal.

“The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) estimates that with no deal, 90% of the UK’s goods exports to the EU by value would face tariffs. The average tariff on UK exports to the bloc would be 4.3 percent, it calculates, while the average on imports from the EU into the UK would be around 5.7 percent. Tariffs in some sectors – for example in agriculture and food, the car industry and textiles – would be “significantly higher” – EuroNews 2019 Read more

With the strong possibility that the UK will be leaving the European Union and a decision still not being made on an UK level with MP party leaders disagreeing with Theresa May’s propositions. The UK parliament must agree and present a UK proposal to the European Union leader Donald Tusk by the 30th of June 2019. At current Brexit could have many outcomes and UK residents may want to prepare.

How it will affect energy customers

This percentage tariff increase on UK goods will ‘in most cases’ be directly transferred onto customers costings. Most UK energy companies could raise their energy tariffs on average by 3-5%, if a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is to take place and energy is outsourced. In order to protect yourself from energy price rises, we advise energy customers to be on a fixed term tariff, protecting you from susceptible raises.

The outcome of Brexit is still to be decided, however Brexit should have a minimal effect on Eversmart Energy customers.  Eversmart’s electricity is 100% UK sourced and will not be directly affected from leaving the European Union. Our gas is partially imported from the European union zone. However, if you are on an agreed fixed tariff with Eversmart any tariff charge changes due to Brexit will be absorbed by us.

For further information, visit www.eversmartenergy.co.uk

Grace Bowden (Senior marketing executive)

The global climate crisis, the UK 2050 predictions and UK household energy

The World Climate Crisis, the UK 2050 predictions and UK household energy

The global climate crisis, quick facts and outline

To make people more aware of the major negative implications that pollution has on our planet and its life we have made a quick overview. Within a minute of you reading this blog alone:

  • At least 100 acres of rain-forests will have been cut down worldwide
  • 300,000 tons of ice will have melted in Antarctica
  • 15 plant or animal species will have become extinct
  • 72,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be released from fossil fuels
  • 1 million plastic bottles will have been bought worldwide
  • More than 15 tons of plastic will have been dumped in our oceans
  • More than 2 sea birds and mammals will have been killed from pollution
  • 4 people will have died as a result of drinking unclean water

There are simple steps you can take personally to help majorly reduce the above impacts. As well as ensuring you recycle, use minimal single use plastics, use electric vehicles and reduce your meat intake. One of the most impact steps you can take is to ensure you are with a renewable energy supplier. Household energy contributes to over 65% of the UK’s greenhouse gas pollution.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzNP2W8ji1aVqdnvpOeeDNg

The UK 2050 reports and predictions to reach ‘net zero’

The UK 2050 climate emergency has brought forward some extreme realisations for UK citizens. Legislate for an 80% carbon emission reduction in the next 30 years. The UK plans include talks around introducing some of the below:

  • 40,000 offshore turbines
  • 20,000 onshore wind turbines
  • 900KM of wave farms
  • 10,600 tidal range schemes
  • All suitable buildings to get 60% heated water from solar thermal
  • Hydroelectric power to raise rapidly up to 2030 and be sustained
  • Livestock numbers to decrease by 20%
  • Volume of waste to reduce by 20%
  • By 2050 100% zero emission vehicles, all passenger trains electrified and 50% of buses electrified
  • 100% of zero emission cars using fuel cells
  • Average household room temperature decreases to 16oc
  • Over 24M homes insulated, reducing thermal leaking by 50%
  • 80-100% household heating to be supplied by electric (renewable)
  • Energy demand for lighting and appliances needs to reduce by 60% to meet the 2050 80% carbon reduction plans
  • Energy for cooking needs to transfer from gas and electric to solely electric

Many more initial ideas are being brought forward in order to implement these UK climate crises. As you may notice over 60% of the above solutions are related to energy production and making household energy more efficient. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/2050-pathways-analysis

Eversmart and renewable energy

Eversmart is a young company with a mission to attack UK pollution, by switching to Eversmart energy today you could save your household 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, that’s entering our Earth’s atmosphere. That’s equivalent to you planting 1900 trees. Now imagine the impact, if every 25 million homes in the UK took this action! We must accept the implications each and every human has on our planets ecosystem and act to preserve the future for our upcoming generations.

As well as reducing your electricity impact on the planet and having piece of mind whilst using all your electricity, Eversmart currently has some of the cheapest tariffs on the market, compared to the standard variable tariff.

Eversmart also offer a smart meter allowing customers to review their energy readings and be more economically and environmentally efficient. Additional to this Eversmart have personally developed and invented a ‘Glow Stick’ which is the next step in live energy readings and reducing environmental impacts. A ‘Glow Stick’ updates your readings and information every 6 seconds and provides you the updates on our Eversmart App. This will ensure you are constantly on top of your energy usage management.


Eversmart have some further exciting plans and partnerships coming soon to help preserve our planet and reduce the pollution rates around the UK. This planet is a number one drive for what Eversmart do.

Grace Bowden (Senior marketing executive)

Eversmart partners with Bury FC

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with our local football club, Bury FC! 

As Bury Football Club works to overcome financial difficulty, we are pulling together as a community and giving them our support. For every new customer that signs up, we are giving £30 cash directly to Bury FC. This cash will go towards paying their well-deserving staff who keep the club ticking.

The staff have continued to work hard each day under difficult circumstances, and have been instrumental in securing the club’s promotion to League One. The staff work tirelessly to support and train the players, keep the grounds in top condition, make sure there are kits to wear and that everything runs safely and smoothly on match days.

As an innovative energy provider committed to saving our customers money and supplying renewable energy, we save the average user around £250 a year on their energy bills.

Why not support your club and save money at the same time? It’s a win-win!

To sign up and start saving money on your energy bill, visit: http://eversmart.family/BuryFC

By following this link, you are able to get a quote and compare prices with your

current provider before committing to signing up. Once your sign up is completed, we will deal with everything for you, including a seamless switch over from your current provider.

*Please note, you must sign up through the above link for the £30 to be credited to the football club. 

What do we offer our customers?

  • Fair prices
  • Renewable energy
  • Free smart meter and installation
  • £40 cash reward for referring a friend
  • 12 months free boiler and heating insurance

Making your house a renewable home – sustain your home with Eversmart renewable electricity

What is global warming and the UK energy impact?

Much of our population are now aware of the effect and facts of global warming on our planet’s environment. Global warming is the significant rise in our planet’s temperature due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. What most people do not realise is that around 65% of the global CO2 greenhouse gases are produced by fossil fuels.

The current warming trends are of particular significance because most of it, (greater than a 95 percent probability), is the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented. Although there are many other contributing factors to greenhouse gas production such as methane from agriculture and emission from cars, one of the biggest issues is fossil fuel and industrial process directly impacting energy production.

Direct impact of non-renewable home energy on greenhouse gas production

More than 70% of the UK’s 25 million homes are powered by gas’. Meaning the UK is far from being a sustainable country. The UK is one of the world’s biggest polluters resulting 65% from household energy production. Gas power plants work by converting lumps of coal and drops of oil into zaps of electric current through a long process of furnaces, turbines, boilers and generators – one of the most inefficient ways to produce electricity. Not only do fossil fuels add to global warming emissions but they increase air and water pollution, damage to public health, wildlife and habitat loss, water use and land use.

wind power


Direct positive impact of renewable electricity on our planet

There are numerous ways to counteract and defend our planet against the mass negative impacts of fossil fuel energy production still being used around the globe and in the UK alone. To date only 30% of the UK’s energy is produced by renewable’s (Energy UK, 2019).  The UK have direct and easy access to multiple renewable electricity solutions such as Wind power, Bioenergy, Marine, wave and hydroelectricity and Solar PV.

Numerous countries around the world are now striding past the UK in the futuristic development of global environmental protection. Costa Rica for example have run on 100% renewable energy sources for over 300 days (Independant, 2019).

To quote David Attenborough; ‘The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?’.

Unlike conventional energy sources which require millions of years for formation, renewable energy sources (RES) are sources that constantly renew throughout the human lifespan. Nowadays, RES is a term used for electricity or heat generated from solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass or biogas energy.’ – (S. Vezmar, 2014)

Eversmart 100% renewable electricity sourced locally

Have peace of mind, trust in your energy supplier and take an active step towards reducing the UK’s global climate pollution by switching your energy provider to a green and environmentally conscious company with fully certified renewable electricity sources.

Eversmart energy use 100% certified renewable electricity and are working on building partnerships and future advancements to counteract our carbon footprint working towards being carbon neutral. The natural environment is one of the key drivers for our new and developing business. We have many exciting environmental plans and partnerships forthcoming.

The Renewable Obligation (RO) is intended to encourage renewable electricity generation for large scale installations. It requires suppliers to source an ever-increasing amount of the electricity from renewable sources.

Eversmart Energy Team – educating you.

Grace Bowden (Senior marketing executive)

Keep track of your energy with the new simple glowstick!

What is a glowstick?

Glowstick how to guide

A glowstick is a small USB device. Once set up, it can track your energy usage and pricing in real-time. To see this, all you need to do is simply connect it to your smart device and download the Eversmart app.

Why use a glowstick?

A glowstick will help you understand the amount of energy you use, as you use it. When you’re more aware of how much energy you are using, you are more likely to be energy conscious and save yourself money!

How I do I get a glowstick?

To get a glowstick, email us as glowsticks@eversmartenergy.co.uk with your name and address. Your glowstick will arrive within a few weeks.

What do I need to do once I have a glowstick?

Download the App
1. Go to the App or Google Play Store and search for Eversmart.
2. Install and open the app.
3. Login to your account:
• The login details are the same as the details you used to create your original online account.
• Don’t have an online account? Call our customer service line on 0330 102 7901 or email hello@eversmartenergy.co.uk to get yours created.

Associate your Glow Hub to your account
1. Once you have logged in you will need to ‘Claim’ your Stick.
2. The process is automatically prompted by Eversmart when you login.
3. Select “Setup a new device”.
4. Scan the MAC address and Serial Number on the back of the Hub.
5. Press Next, then Claim my device.

Setting up your glowstick

Powering your Glow Stick
1. Plug the stick into a usb port or to a power adapter included in the package.
2. If you’ve used a power adapter, plug this into a power supply.
3. The power LED will turn solid green.
4. The middle LED may also be red – this depends on whether or not you have set up your transmitter. This LED indicates whether the GlowStick can see a data source.
5. The WiFi LED will flash red until you connect to WiFi – see next page.

Setting up WiFi on your Stick
1. Once you have claimed your Stick the app will prompt you to setup the WiFi • Please note: you can also reach this independently via the Settings section of the left-hand menu.

2. In order to do this, you must be connected to your home WiFi and not use data (3G or 4G) on your mobile – we suggest temporarily turning this off.

3. Click Set Up WiFi.

4. Enter your home WiFi password (the one your phone is connected to).

5. Click Set Up Glow Stick.

6. The Stick will attempt to join the WiFi.

7. You may need to retry once or even twice.

8. If you reach the maximum number of attempts, simply disconnect the stick from power, and click Restart Process.

Eversmart office tour and customer promise

Take a tour of our office, learn more about Eversmart and read our new customer promise!

At Eversmart we want our customers to gain an insight into what we do and for you to understand what we are about.

Take a tour

From our engineers loading vans in the warehouse to our Customer Service team taking your calls to our directors brainstorming together in the office, we want to be as transparent as possible with our customers and for you to see the ins and outs of life at Eversmart.

Our light and bright open-plan office is filled with inspiring quotes and is full of energy! We believe that having an open plan space is perfect in helping create an inclusive and collaborative office environment. Every room in our office is inspired by the pioneering greats who have each added incredible value to the energy industry, like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. We have our favourite quotes from each innovator printed on our walls, to keep optimism and enthusiasm high!

Our mission

Since first establishing in 2016, we’ve been working to develop the best possible tariffs for our customers and to incorporate the most efficient technology. Each step of the way, we try to improve what we can offer customers and appreciate just how precious your time and money is. Now, three years in, Eversmart is flourishing and we have lots of exciting plans ahead that will bring more benefits than ever before to our customers.

Our customer promise

Like any new business we’ve hit obstacles along the way, but as quoted on the wall in our office: ‘The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time’. Each wrong turning made is a lesson, and a valuable one in helping us to progress and become a trusted, forward-thinking energy provider. We know we haven’t been perfect, but we are committed to becoming the best energy supplier in the industry.

For any customers that have been disheartened or experienced issues with our service, we want each one of you to know that you have our sincerest apologies. We highly value every customer’s opinion and take your feedback very seriously. As a company taking in large volumes of data each day from lots of customers, we are highly reliant on IT. Unfortunately one of our systems let us down which caused frustrations for many of you. We want to reassure you that we are aware of these glitches and have been working towards fixing them. There was no quick fix to getting this resolved, so we made the decision to invest in new systems. After weeks of implementation these are now in place and we are confident that our delivery will be better.

What are Eversmart’s plans for the future?

2019 is going to be the biggest year yet for Eversmart. We are rolling out six new tariffs this spring, completely unique from what we have offered previously. As some of the most competitive tariffs on the market, our customers will have the chance to save money, view their bills via our new app and will be able to access a range of benefits including full home cover with your energy.

We welcome your feedback and aim to provide a smooth and positive Eversmart experience to every single customer. If you have any comments please get in touch at hello@eversmartenergy.co.uk.

Spain will switch to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Experts have described the scheme as a wake-up call to the rest of the world.

Spain has announced ambitious plans to switch the country entirely over to renewable electricity by 2050. The Spanish government also want to see greenhouse emissions slashed down by 90% compared to 1990 levels, in a plan that goes above and beyond the requirements set out by the EU. By 2030, the nation hopes to be running on at least 35% green electricity.

The government have committed to installing at least 3,000MW of wind and solar every year, for the next 10 years. The so-called “sun tax” that has hampered solar power in the past has been scrapped, and money has been set aside to re-skill workers in the fossil fuel industry.

Spain is “deadly serious” about climate change

Laurence Tubiana, chief executive of the European Climate Foundation and one of the key figures in drafting the Paris accord, called the plans “groundbreaking” and “inspirational”.

“By planning on going carbon neutral, Spain shows that the battle against climate change is deadly serious, that they are ready to step up and plan to reap the rewards of decarbonisation,” she said.

James Watson, CEO of trade association SolarPower Europe, said: “It is exciting to see Spain setting the pace in its commitment to a 100 per cent renewable powered future… Spain’s energy ambition is a wake-up call to all the other states across the world, as it demonstrates what we know – it is possible to power large economies by renewables in the very near future.”

Back in the UK, the government are aiming to reduce greenhouse emissions by 80% by 2050.

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