How much do we really depend on energy?

How much do we really depend on energy?

‘Most of the population are now heavily dependent on energy’. An average office worker will use over 10 hours of the day consuming energy. Whether it be on a mobile, heating, lights, TVs, transport or in work computers and technology.  A staggering 86% (approx. 6.4 billion) of the world population use electricity every day. Only 14% (approx. 1.1 billion)  of the world population do not have electricity access:

Although having no access to electricity and energy supply comes with its own negatives such as unclean cooking and communication access, those of us who use electricity all day everyday may not realise just how dependant we are as a species on electrical and energy consumption.

UK energy consumption

energy consumption

(GOV.UK, 2019; 2018 REPORT)

The rising number of households, appliances and disposable income have meant an increased demand in energy in the UK from 1970. The number of households steadily grew from 18.8 million in 1970 to 28.0 million in 2017. Although a number of energy efficiency household precautions’ have helped to reduce effects such as; more insulation, double glazing and less water tanks due to more efficient boiler systems, may show a reduction in energy usage in the past number of years we are still polluting at a immense level. (GOV.UK;2018)

Humans are becoming more and more dependent on technology and in turn energy to activate thus technology. (Rene J et al, 2016).

Mobile phone sales rates alone have almost quadrupled in the past 9 years worldwide from 122.32 million units in 2007 to over 555.27 million units in 2018. ( This alone requires 432.95 million more mobile phone units, all needing energy to be charged daily.

Domestic gas, electricity and transport remain to be the UK’s biggest energy consumption sectors.

The UK is in the top 11 global natural gas consumers:

1      United States                                      773,200,000,000

2      European Union                                     428,800,000,000

3      Russia                                             418,900,000,000

4      China                                              186,200,000,000

5      Iran                                               186,000,000,000

6      Japan                                              123,600,000,000

7      Canada                                             114,800,000,000

8      Saudi Arabia                                       102,300,000,000

9      Germany                                            81,350,000,000

10     Mexico                                             77,930,000,000

11     United Kingdom                                     72,030,000,000

Showing although the UK is a small island it’s an economically strong country with adverse effect on energy consumption, thus meaning the UK alone contributes a large amount to global CO2 emissions :

‘Lighting and appliances account for over 70 per cent of electricity consumption with the remaining third being represented by heating, hot water, and cooking’


We must accept we are increasingly becoming a dependant population on all forms of energy and we need to utilise the best ways to be ethical, efficient and as environmental as we can. Educating ourselves and others in energy consumption and renewable energy supply.

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