Keep track of your energy with the new simple glowstick!

What is a glowstick?

Glowstick how to guide

A glowstick is a small USB device. Once set up, it can track your energy usage and pricing in real-time. To see this, all you need to do is simply connect it to your smart device and download the Eversmart app.

Why use a glowstick?

A glowstick will help you understand the amount of energy you use, as you use it. When you’re more aware of how much energy you are using, you are more likely to be energy conscious and save yourself money!

How I do I get a glowstick?

To get a glowstick, email us as with your name and address. Your glowstick will arrive within a few weeks.

What do I need to do once I have a glowstick?

Download the App
1. Go to the App or Google Play Store and search for Eversmart.
2. Install and open the app.
3. Login to your account:
• The login details are the same as the details you used to create your original online account.
• Don’t have an online account? Call our customer service line on 0330 102 7901 or email to get yours created.

Associate your Glow Hub to your account
1. Once you have logged in you will need to ‘Claim’ your Stick.
2. The process is automatically prompted by Eversmart when you login.
3. Select “Setup a new device”.
4. Scan the MAC address and Serial Number on the back of the Hub.
5. Press Next, then Claim my device.

Setting up your glowstick

Powering your Glow Stick
1. Plug the stick into a usb port or to a power adapter included in the package.
2. If you’ve used a power adapter, plug this into a power supply.
3. The power LED will turn solid green.
4. The middle LED may also be red – this depends on whether or not you have set up your transmitter. This LED indicates whether the GlowStick can see a data source.
5. The WiFi LED will flash red until you connect to WiFi – see next page.

Setting up WiFi on your Stick
1. Once you have claimed your Stick the app will prompt you to setup the WiFi • Please note: you can also reach this independently via the Settings section of the left-hand menu.

2. In order to do this, you must be connected to your home WiFi and not use data (3G or 4G) on your mobile – we suggest temporarily turning this off.

3. Click Set Up WiFi.

4. Enter your home WiFi password (the one your phone is connected to).

5. Click Set Up Glow Stick.

6. The Stick will attempt to join the WiFi.

7. You may need to retry once or even twice.

8. If you reach the maximum number of attempts, simply disconnect the stick from power, and click Restart Process.

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