Eversmart customer service enhancement – Reassurance and acknowledgement

Eversmart customer service enhancement – Reassurance and acknowledgement

With some recent setbacks implementing our new app and web portal, we would like to address and reassure all Eversmart customers of our commitment to customer service. We are an ever-evolving company and with evolution comes learning. Every action we take is with our customers in mind.

Over the past few years Eversmart has dramatically expanded and like any company we are adapting to ensure our customers receive the best service from us. We have some unique technology allowing you to see live energy updated every 6 seconds (Glow Stick link), along with multiple user-friendly technical enhancements.

During the application of our new exciting customer user enhancements, it is normal to have a few technical setbacks. We want to reassure our customers we are aware of the issues and everything is in hand.

Customer service

A few of our customers have faced portal login issues, this is due to our new system updates. To reassure our customers this is in hand, we have fixed 90% of our customers login’s, please bear with us and let us know if you have any issues our team will support immediately, we always urge our customers to contact us if they have any problems. Eversmart have invested over £1mill in systems over the past 12 months, investing in development.

External paper billing is something Eversmart as a company do not push. This is extremely bad for our environment and we try to be a paperless company where we can. Environmental sustainability is in the forefront of everything we do. With regards to any other billing issues last year, this was due to an external entity out of our control – this has all now been fixed and managed.

To ensure our customer service is top quality we have implemented even further support for our customers, our internal UK customer service team has grown by twelve since January 2019. Lee Dearden (Head of Customer Service), has been brought on-board to steer further expansion of the team and to fully maintain and improve quality processes in line with the company’s anticipated growth.

Mr Dearden said: ‘We are already working on some major improvements.  These include a new billing system, a new website and technology portal with improved help service solutions, revised shift patterns to ensure better coverage and new KPIs and reporting platforms.’

Customer service is the main reason Barney Cook (CEO of Eversmart energy), started this business and it will continue to be a number one focus. We would like to reassure all customers our service is and will continue to be top standard. Many companies experience setbacks, but it’s how you deal with them and learn from them that counts.

Contact us through chat, email or phone.

For more information, go to www.eversmartenergy.co.uk


Grace Bowden (Senior marketing executive)

2 Replies to “Eversmart customer service enhancement – Reassurance and acknowledgement”

  1. Where do I start I have had 3 appointment to fit meter and nobody turn up made hours off phone calls been pat around and nobody knowing what going on was on hold yesterday for 1hour 30mins.than was told can not have your meter fitted because I’m on npower but 3 off my friends that live at the same post code and the same bock off flat and all had npower have had your meter your company needs to sort it self out before you go out of bisends I’m go on Facebook to tell ever body all about you and to be wran thanks for nothing

    1. Hello Stephen,

      This is an issue with npower not Eversmart, I believe you have slight confusion. We cannot touch your smart meter or supply if you are not on supply with Eversmart, you will need to contact npower.

      We are not solely a smart meter company. We are an energy supplier, our smart meters will only work if you are on supply with Eversmart energy, sorry for your confusion. Please feel free to provide me your information and we would be happy to support your switch, we can then provide you with a smart meter. Please do not report false information on Facebook, we will also support you on this platform if you need more explanation.

      Please let us know if you need any more support. Apologies for the confusion.
      Many Thanks
      Eversmart team

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