Eversmart and EForests ‘Plant a Tree Scheme’, planting a tree for every customer

Eversmart and EForests new ‘Plant a Tree Scheme’, planting a tree for every customer

Following on from our blog post explaining the importance of planting a tree in relation to climate change: https://www.eversmartenergy.co.uk/blog/why-tree-planting-is-the-way-forward-for-climate-change/

While 100% of our electricity is renewable, we’re still working towards achieving the same for our gas as are most energy suppliers, and we want to work alongside the 2050 UK legislation.

At Eversmart, our aim is to become the UK’s number one carbon neutral energy supplier, whilst helping our customers to offset their footprint. Unfortunately, at current there is not enough green gas to be provided to the high number of homes powered by gas.

The environment and global climate change are close to our hearts. We don’t want to just reduce the negative impacts of the energy industry; we want to drive global change in the industry. Our purpose is to sustain our environment and inspire other companies and individuals they can do the same.

For our ‘Plant a Tree’ scheme we are working closely with a UK company ‘Eforest’.

EForests are a not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 to help combat climate change and help create and restore woodlands throughout the United Kingdom.

EForests is run entirely by volunteers and all profits made are put towards funding new tree planting projects around the country.

They work with dozens of community woodlands, nature reserves, urban farms and wildlife trusts to help preserve and enhance woodlands and woodland corridors to benefit wildlife and our future generations. The woodlands they work with would struggle to find funding from other sources or, in the case of some of the nature reserves, their funding is limited, and they wouldn’t be able to afford to plant more trees without our help.

Eversmart will ‘Plant a Tree’ in the UK for every new customer we receive starting 13th June 2019. If you wish you can even contact us to request a certificate for your tree. This project will develop and be divulged to our customers further over the following month.

Join the energy and environmental revolution.

Eversmart Energy Senior Marketing executive Grace Bowden says:

‘The environment has been close to my heart since a young age, I remember when I learnt about sustainability and climate change at school. I have moved forward in working with sustainable energy solution manufacturers, spending weeks in Malaysia on re-forestation projects and now working to provide renewable electricity and plant millions of trees to make a positive impact across the UK with Eversmart. Both to give our customers education and the opportunity to make an easy change in their every day activity, as energy demand is a number one pollutant and 65% of the UK global warming impact.  The Eversmart family including the CEO are open and enthusiast about anything positive towards the environment.’

For more information, go to www.eforests.co.uk

For further information, visit www.eversmartenergy.co.uk

Eversmart Energy Team

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